Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
The greatest achievement is to allow two or more people of different origins and languages, with different customs, to understand each other as if they were speaking the same language.

  • Conferences, symposia, congresses
  • Business meetings
  • TV and video conferences
  • Tourist Outlets
  • Interviews, press conferences

Job aspirants evaluation

  • Interviews completely in English
  • Full report of the level of the applicants
  • Developing of language training programs according to the needs

Spanish courses for foreigners

Spanish courses in Buenos Aires designed for foreigners

  • All levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Individual courses and small groups
  • Grammar, conversation, listening and reading comprehension
  • Regular and intensive courses according to the interests and needs of the students
  • Flexible hours

School and university support

We provide primary, secondary and university support. All levels. In the student´s home. Flexible schedules and affordable prices.